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Nationals candidate to run in corangamite for first time in 25 years

Nationals candidate to run in corangamite for first time in 25 years

LIMATRAH – More than 1,000 corangamites were found floating in the Gulf of Limatri that have never been seen before in Malaysia, Prime Minister Najib Razak said.

“We have just collected 10 corangamite samples from the sea bed. They are a unique variety of fish and have a long history in Malaysia,” Najib said in a statement.

The 12-metre-long fish were recently sighted in the Si더킹카지노buyan waters, about 400 kilometres north-east of Kuala Lumpur, he said.

“We hope this information can make corangamites widely avai바카라lable to fishermen. We will also monitor the condition of the lake’s corals, particularly the area where we think they may still be located.”

The Prime Minister will raise corangamites as a key plank of his election plank with voters, he said.

Dietitian Chitty Ong, head of the State Oceanographic Authority in Sulawesi, said about 300 corangamites were collected and weighed, including those from the sea bed on May 2.

“The government of Malaysia is planning to use this information to identify sea bed features as well as determine if they can be used as data to trace the original corals in the early stages of development.”

“It is estimated that there are up to a 100,000 corangamites in Limatra and that they have an estimated age of 40,000 to 40,400 years old. Th카지노 사이트ere is a need to explore why the corangamites were found to remain on the surface for so long after their decomposition.”

Дата публикации: 14-08-2020 Автор: Андрей Семенов

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