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Coque star wars galaxy s7 edge How To Keep Yourself Safe From Wildfire Smoke

How To Keep Yourself Safe From Wildfire Smoke

Smoke from the El Dorado Fire that started Sept. 5, 2020 in San Bernardino National coque iphone 7 travis scott Forest. (Zach Behrens/Courtesy of US Forest Service)

By Michelle Faust Michelle Lanz

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Even if you don’t live or work near a major fire, you can still be affected by smoke particles in the air. So, what’s in that smoke, and how much should you worry about it

Depending on the fire, the smoke can be made up of various substances, including carbon a bunch of sherlock coque iphone 5 a05hab0661 dioxide, carbon monoxide, water vapor, particulate matter, organic chemicals, nitrogen oxides, and more. Exposure to smoke can cause a range of health effects, from coque galaxy a5 manga eye and lung irritation to asthma and premature death.

Those especially sensitive to smoke include:

People coque samsung galaxy tab 3 sm t210 with asthma

People with cardiovascular diseases

People with respiratory diseases

The elderly

Particulate matter is the main public health threat during short cat etiquette pusheen coque iphone 6 coqueiphone131407 term exposure to wildfire smoke, so it’s crucial to protect yourself.

“Really it’s walking dead coque iphone 7 about common sense,” said Philip Fine of the South Coast Air Quality Management District. “If you can see the coque iphone 6 s paris coque galaxy j3 2016 batman lastage35580 smoke, if you can coque coque poudlard samsung iphone 7 copine smell the smoke, you can tell when the particulate matter levels are really high. If you can do that, you should coque iphone 6 once upon a time lastage34879 exercise caution.”

Here are some tips on how to stay safe if there’s wildfire smoke in your area:

Thinking of going outside Don’t. It’s best to stay inside with the air conditioner on. And you’re going to want filtered air. Many hiver chaud la cite interdite embosser etui pour iphone 11 pro max xs max xs x xr pour 6 6s 7 8 plus evaporative cooling systems, aka “swamp coolers,” don’t filter the air.

Once you turn on the cool, filtered air, keep the doors and windows closed to keep the unhealthy air outside. You’re also going to want to avoid vigorous activity anything coque iphone 6 maque lastage34175 that makes you breathe deeply.

Do not use any indoor or outdoor wood burning appliances or fireplaces. And when smoke subsides, you should air out your home to clear any polluted air that might be trapped inside.

But what if you’re stuck in a car or driving through areas coque iphone 7 silicone oreille of smoke Same deal. Close the windows and doors and run your car’s air conditioner. AQMD says that carbon dioxide levels etsy geometric coque iphone 6 coqueiphone130730 can spike quickly in newer cars if vents and windows are closed and the circulation setting is on, so crack the windows once you’re in there for a while to prevent grogginess.

The best thing to do is to seek shelter. Ordinarily, iphone 4 coque fortnite if you must be outside, the advice would be to wear an N95 or P100 respirator mask. But these are the same kind health officials have asked the public to avoid so that they can be galaxy j6 coque rose reserved for frontline workers and first responders. And given the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic, they may not be easy to come by, anyway.

N95 metropolitan coque iphone 6 coqueiphone135089 masks filter out debris in the air and keep most of the smoke particles from damaging your lungs. Experts recommend that coque iphone 7 plus le roi lion anyone in a fire prone area keep such a mask in an emergency kit. We tested some other masks, and coque iphone 7 riverdale cheryl they didn’t hold up as well.

Until we know more, our best advice is still to stay indoors.

Smoke isn’t the only thing that can make coque iphone 7 rigide bleu air quality bad.

The South Coast Air Quality Management District tracks smoke alerts, but also ozone and other pollutants that make the air unhealthy to breathe. You can sign up for alerts from their website or check the air quality forecast on their interactive map…

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