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Green group seeks tourism impact study

Green group seeks tourism impact study

The city of Richmond is developing a $15-million tourism impact study to gauge the effects of its plans to redevelop downtown properties, which includes a waterfront casino, an expansion of the city’s Convention Center and plans to establish a casino hotel.

The study will be released by the city in May, but city officials told the council earlier this year the study is a key driver in their efforts to attract visitors to the city, and have requested support from the federal government and other organizations in their efforts to attract the kind of investments needed to bring big-ticket hotel development in Richmond into the fold.

“We want to see여성 마사지 that this study is conducted as quickly as possible,” said Mayor Dwight Gee, who is president and chief executive of RVA Tourism Development Corp.

City Councilman Chris Arsenault, who voted against giving approval for the development study earlier this year, said the city should not have waited until now to bring together the city’s stakeholders and get approval of the study.

“This was a significant event for our city,” he said. “They should be doing it much earlier in order to get the whole thing off the ground.”

City officials estimated the $15-million study could bring $10 million to the city over the course of several years. They expect that to translate to an annual economic impact that could reach at least $150 million.

The city’s study will be part of a broader review of Richmond’s future planning and economic development plans, said John Gaglia, chairman of the Greater Richmond Economic Development Corp. and a member of the city planning commission, which will be meeting next week.

The city’s current plans call for four big developments to go in the next decade, the largest of which is planned to be the Convention Center casino. The plan calls for two more casino rooms to come online and to be completed in 2028.

Gaglia said the city should now look at building out a fourth development, which is a mixed-use residential tower that would include 200 hotel rooms. He said 일산출장샵 일산출장안마that four more hotels may not seem l이천출장마사지ike much, but that building and operating them would create hundreds of jobs and add up to millions of dollars to the city’s economy.

Gaglia said the city should have released its initial studies earlier in the year because, as of July 4, more than $5 million in funds had not been committed, and he thought the city could get some funding from the federal government. But after that new

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