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Rapist jailed for teenagers terrifying ordeal

Rapist jailed for teenagers terrifying ordeal

In December this year, four teenagers from Wolverhampton who attacked a schoolgirl and her friend with a chainsaw were jailed for at least 10 years and 18 months.

T바카라he court heard how one boy, now 17, had been “trained as a knife wielding knifeman” and would “use everything” at his disposal against his victims.

Jurors heard how two girls who were attacked by the 14-year-old had been forced to drink milk they’d just given him to “keep them calm” and then locked in a room. They s우리카지노aid they found a “searing heat” inside one room.

The court heard the girl – who suffered major bruising and was left unconscious – had repeatedly been sprayed with pepper spray and a wooden paddle and called a “terrorist”.

The four other attackers had also been made to drink their own urine, and were forced to perform sexual acts on each other.

In one attack, the court heard, the girls’ eyes were “scratched” and were left bruised by cuts.

The court heard that in three more attacks, the girls were covered in bruises by some of the attackers but still managed to fend off the attackers.

In another attack, the four attacked the five-year-old in an ice bucket as the other two attacked the three-year-old and five-year-old at the school.

In all, 12-year-old Aisling Jones, from Wolverhampton, and 16-year-old Alix Cottle, from Cheltenham, were found guilty of three counts of agapronxgravated intentional wounding and two counts of aggravated attempted wounding on the five-year-old girl.

At the conclusion of sentencing, Judge Nicholas Wren told the defendants: “You committed a despicable act but were given a sentence that is grossly out of proportion with the gravity of the crime.

“It is a sick, twisted system where the young mind is used as a weapon to be used against others.”

The boy’s mother cried when he was sent off, saying that she believed that the sentence was unfair as she only heard about the assault in the media.

He had no previous convictions.

On Monday, a jury convicted all four attackers of attempted murder.

Prosecutor Peter Overend told the court at sentencing that the school’s school governors were deeply remorseful for the events, in which a man punched, kicked and punched the five-yea

Дата публикации: 14-08-2020 Автор: Андрей Семенов

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