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Pif chiefs visit renews opposition hopes over rule changes

Pif chiefs visit renews opposition hopes over rule changes

By Andrew Kelly


LONDON – A group of Scottish farmers has vowed to oppose any changes to the land management rules which could force farmers to use less land and make it harder to find new land to grow their crops.

In what it said would be a sign of opposition to any changes to Scotland’s farming sector, the Scottish Association of Fertilisers and Mulch growers, (Safaf) said it would seek to hold its first ever meeting of farmers this week in a bid to protest against any proposed changes that would undermine the “fair and equitable” nature of land reform in the UK.

“We believe land reform is not needed in Scotland but we will continue to make sure the Scottish farmers are consulted,” it said.

The farming body, based in Edinburgh, said farmers who planned on growing their land in the UK did so on an agreed basis with the Scottish government.

But the government said Scottish farmers already had the right to “choose” where to grow their produce, although that means the changes to the rules imposed by W카지노 사이트estminster may affect many farmers.

In a letter sent to farmers and representatives of other farming organisations, the Scottish government said any proposed changes must be presented to an independent, cross-party committee before going ahead.

“The decision to establish the new land management measures is in the public interest,” it said in its proposal. “This is why decisions were taken to set up the committee.”

The Scottish government has argued that there is currently no mechanism, the “common position” among farmers for sharing a common land management system, allowing them to share their land with other farmers in Scotland.

Last week, the Scottish Farmers’ Union backed similar demands from the Scottish government, in response to the announcement of a raft of new rules which would bring up to 20 percent of the land in Scotland under the management of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in 2016.

Critics have been calling for예스카지노 the CAP to be made voluntary and for farming to be given gre바카라사이트ater autonomy over land use decisions.

The Scottish association of farmers also said a moratorium on UK subsidies and land reforms, and the establishment of a regional fund to fund agriculture subsidies, would be a step in the right direction for Scottish agriculture.

Дата публикации: 14-08-2020 Автор: Андрей Семенов

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