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Nsw weather with heavy rainfall continuing friday night and early today, causing disruption and delays

Nsw weather with heavy rainfall continuing friday night and early today, causing disruption and delays.

Some flights were cancelled, and many commuters said they were “very disappointed”.

One commuter, who only wished to be known as T, said: “It’s the worst week in a year to come.”

Another said: “This is just terrible. I’m absolutely terrified about my commute this morning. It’s just awful.”

Mr Bannatyne said this afternoon the Government was “working very hard to ensure the country has confidence as the weather continues to get worse”.

He said the Government was taking swift action and making “significant” changes to the Railways to encourage improvements.

Railways Secretary Keith Brown said: “We need to get rail systems working and making the infrastructure much more durable and resilient.

“It’s a real issue of confidence for many rail customers but also a real issue of maintenance for the network and for rail services.

“We are making significapronxant changes to ensure the network and services it provides for people and businesses can meet the challenges of climate change.”

Sue Atherton, Labour MP for Harrogate and Aberystwyth, who lives in the borough, said: “These storms mean the weather will be much colder, the weather will be longer and the weather will be very unpleasant.

“It’s the worst winter of the year for rail operators so far and there is an awful lot of damage to railways in northern England.”

A spokesman for Northern Ireland Secretary Theresa Villiers confirmed that the Government was “working closely” with the State to assess the damage in Northern Ireland and prepare the government response.

He added: “This is a big issue forapronx this country. A huge part of our railway networks and services is based on very old infrastructure that’s being replaced.

“So while Northern I바카라사이트reland is continuing to recover the winter storm damage we are in an area where rail services have been affected the weather itself has been brutal and we are having to deal with it with very limited resources.”

Met Office forecaster Chris Crossland said today’s cold air from Canada would last through Thursday and into Friday.

However he warned that in the northern hemisphere it might take some of that cold weather to spread.

He said a warm front is forecast for southern England on Thursday and Friday, bringing temperatures in the region between 4C and 6C.

There are currently no snowflakes forecast for the UK but the Met Office has issue

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