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Lower petrol costs fuel spending to its highest since 2008, according to an annual study commissioned by the government of Portugal

Lower petrol costs fuel spending to its highest since 2008, according to an annual study commissioned by the government of Portugal.

It found that cars currently driving on average 10.5 miles per gallon were almost twice as expensive as those without petrol, the price difference is £1.20 – equal to a loss of an average of £4.70 for every litre of petrol you buy.

This figure has now doubled in the last seven years, with one in eight people still driving on an average of 10.5mpg.

A spokesman for the National Audit Office, who has since published their report, said: “Excessive fuel prices have led to the introduction of tax credit cuts, the most 바카라recent being a tax credit reduction for petrol drivers from 20 per cent to 11 per cent.

“On average, people on the minimum wage are now paying £25 more per year in fuel bills, up from £24.

“The impact of fuel subsidy cuts has forced many motorists to fuel their cars with diesel, a less efficient fuel.”


But the report also acknowledged that, for most users, the cost of petrol “still exceeds the cost of all other fuel”.

It added: “For most customers, it seems the price of fuel is the single biggest factor affecting their petrapronxol consumption.

“The amount of tax credit they receive remains the lowest of any group of purchasers, averaging 3 per cent of their income, despite the fact that the tax credit reduces the income they pay to the Treasury.

“We therefore argue that it is unfair that some people pay more taxes than others.”

The report said that the reduction of tax credit cuts over the last seven years was partly explained by the introduction of excise duty on petrol.

The government cut fuel taxes in 2010 to cover an average rise in energy prices of around 2 per cent.

The report also concluded that the tax credit reductions “have been over-regulated”, particularly by the oil and gas companies, that “have increased the tax payers’ outgo substantially”.

In addition, the report found that a rise in the minimum wage was the most significant contributor to the increase in fuel우리카지노 prices – costing motorists £7.40 more each month in total.

Fuel prices have risen faster than wages in England in recent years but this has not affected drivers’ overall spending, the survey found.

“It is important to stress that the cost of fuel for people has remained very stable sinc

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