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Govt says no intention to buy coastal land to build high security prisons

Govt says no intention to buy coastal land to build high security prisons

In the most significant policy change to date, the Australian government has decided to stop buying land to build secure coastal security facilities.

Under the planned $5 billion Australian Infrastructure Facility (AIF) built by the Turnbull government to manage climate change, land would only be bought if that land was being used for security.

New rules

As such, Australia would no longer have to sell its own land — already over $3bn — as required under the current AIF agreements to build the facilities.

And the existing $1.5 billion plan to buy a total of 19 square kilometres of coastal lands between Sydney and Hobart would cease, as Australia would no longer need to buy a total of 30 per cent of these land at the moment.

‘We are not going to be buying land out there on the open mar바카라ket any time soon’

Labor had also promised to cut this funding in the current budget, due in May.

However, the Coalition Government has said the $1.2 billion of new annual funding for AIF will continue, although at higher levels because Australia is doing more of the work for other countries.

Mr Morrison told the ABC’s 7.30 program he was disappointed the AIF deal was not closer to being signed into law, as planned.

“We are not going to be buying la우리카지노nd out there on the open market any time soon,” he said.

But he rejected suggestions that the government was selling more than half of its offshore Australian offshore resource holdings.

“We will not sell off our assets,” he said.

Mr Morrison also announced that Australia will no longer build offshore nuclear plants, and that the nuclear industry had suffered a $700 million loss fo예스카지노r the last year.

The announcement marks a further retreat from Labor and its policy platform.

The former environment minister had supported plans for the federal government to buy up more than $10bn of land, after the Queensland Labor government introduced strict controls on offshore exploration and mining.

At the time, Mr Morrison said it had been a “game changer” because “no one is going to go out and buy $100 billion and nothing is going to happen”.

The Liberal Government will now consider a range of options for disposing of the land once the new policy is in place, after it is decided on where to put it.

The $1.2 billion investment in Queensland’s mining sector will continue.

Дата публикации: 14-08-2020 Автор: Андрей Семенов

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